Handmade Natural Perfumes

Handmade and natural perfumes is where it all began. The idea of synthetic perfumes came about in 1868 long after natural perfumes were introduced in ancient China. Perfumes are the best mementos, travellers will generally purchase a perfume from the country he or she is visiting. It was never to be as popular as the natural scents for the simple reason that many people complained of allergies and rashes after using the fake perfumes.

Unfortunately, natural perfumes are atrociously expensive. A tiny vial can cost hundreds of dollars, far beyond the reach of many women. Opting for the eau de toilette or eau de cologne is not always the best choice because the scent does not linger. This means you have to keep a tiny spray bottle close by.

Contrary to popular opinion, perfume is not always a heavy scent. You can create beautiful lasting scents that won’t be cloying and cling to your clothing forever. The secret lies in choosing your ingredients with care and knowledge.

Start by selecting the oil scents that appeal to you. Give them categories of day or evening oils. This will help you decide which direction to take. You can try pressing favorite flower petals and blossoms to find the perfect scent to work with. There are several methods you can adopt to make handmade natural perfumes.

The process of creating your own handmade and natural perfumes is invigorating and special. It makes you unique to be  wearing a one-of-a-kind, customized scent. You can create a drawer full of your favorite scents at a fraction of the cost.