Natural Perfumes

Written on:July 5, 2012
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Natural perfumes are crafted with sumptuous natural essences and pure bases. Botanical essences like essential oils and absolutes made from flowers, leaves, trees, fruits, nuts and resins are the main odorants used in composing this type of perfumes.

However, one of the biggest challenges of natural perfumery is the matter of consistency in the quality of the aromatic essences used in the blends. This can vary year to year, depending on ecological factors and each year’s harvest. A rose plantation that produced abundant premium grade absolute oil one year might have a poor harvest the following year. This difference will reflect in your blends if that’s where you get your regular supply from.

In the blending process, the aromatic oils are added to the perfume base depending on the type of perfume that is being made. For perfume oils, the base could be Jojoba oil, solid perfumes can have a base of Jojoba Oil and Bees wax and Alcohol based perfumes can be made with pure grain alcohol

Natural perfumes are perfumes made from natural extracts from plants, trees, leaves and other. The natural extracts that are turned into essential oils work hand in hand to create a wonderful scent that will make you feel happy, unpredictable, calm, and confident.

The natural perfumes that you buy have a longer shelf life and do not need harmful chemicals to preserve them. There are over 90 different essential oils and each one has several different ways that it can help the body.
You can purchase natural perfumes online or at a health food store. Large chain stores may offer natural perfumes but they may be made with synthetic ingredients to meet the supply and demand.

Fragrances sold in the signature series are usually priced expensive. A signature perfume is one that you wear continuously without changing fragrances.

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