History of Natural perfume

Written on:August 2, 2012
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There are hundreds of perfumes to choose from and they are priced anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred dollars or more. With so many choices, how do you know which ones are right for you? There are a few guidelines that can help you choose which perfume is right for you. First you will need to find out which type of perfume will fit you the best.
Look at the ingredients on the bottle before you buy. You need to analyze what type of scent you want to get out of perfume; a light musk, natural scent, loud fragrance, floral scent, warm scent, bright cheerful scent, and more. Your body chemistry might play a role in your selection as well. Sometime what smells great on one person may not smell as good on another.
Perfumes that are natural tend smell warm and soft, such as Rose or Lavender. Musk can produce a light fragrance that lingers softly around you. It is not too strong and may be pleasant to smell. There are stronger scents that you may like and that is fine too. If you don’t like a loud smell but you like the perfume, try using a minimal amount or spray your clothing instead of your body.
Perfumed oils which served as cosmetics were also used for their high medicinal properties. Very soon perfumery became a business with various olfactory verities such as floral, aromatic, woody and oriental. These differ from eau de toilettes and colognes in the quantity of concentration of oils present in them. Perfumes have the utmost levels of concentration. As the oils are composed of very expensive ingredients, higher levels of concentration mean more costly products. Nowadays synthetic elements are being extensively used to create a range of heady and mesmerizing products. A sizeable portion is created with synthetic chemicals and natural oils. It is then added in miniscule proportions to add to the richness of the product.

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