Handmade Perfumes – Doing It the Correct Way

Written on:July 1, 2013
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Scents and fragrances are perhaps among the best products ever made, whether for a woman or man. Without these products, one will never be able to feel and smell fresh after a long day of sweating.
Unfortunately, many good scents and fragrances lean more on the expensive side and can definitely burn a hole in one’s pocket. Creating them for personal use, though, can definitely add a unique value into it and saves one some spare cash that could be allocated for other beauty care items.
How does one go about these wonderful scents? Well, creating handmade perfumes does not necessarily mean creating them from scratch and extracting the oils of items from which the desired scent comes from. Instead, using available essential oils and then mixing them together to create unique handmade perfumes would do the trick.
Combining melted beeswax and coconut oil plus around 10 to 15 drops of the essential oils in heat is basically the only thing to do when creating handmade perfumes. They may be placed in little jars or in a recycled perfume container then used after it has already set.
The right mixture of scents will surely make one’s handmade perfumes a big hit. Aside from attracting perhaps the right man (or woman), it may even be possible to create a profitable business out of making handmade perfumes. It surely does not need much but only one’s time and effort in going through the mixing process and trying out combinations until the desired fragrance has been met.
It is easier if you do these things with someone who is already an expert so you can be guided accordingly. When it comes to mixing the various ingredients that you have, there might be confusion on what to mix first, so it is better if you can have someone with you to do a simple project.

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