Handmade Perfumes Are Best Gifts

Written on:July 19, 2012
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At an affordable price of just a couple of bucks per piece of handmade soap, it’s a no-brainer. The handmade soap not only comes in many different colors, they also come in many different fragrances. It’s common knowledge that lovely fragrances improve our mood and have a positive impact on our emotions. That’s why we put on perfumes. However, we don’t have to pay the price of designer perfumes to enjoy some lovely fragrances in the bathroom. We only have to pick handmade soap with our favorite fragrances!
Commercial soap can be very irritating and actually dry out the skin for many people who are allergic to the ingredients they use. For many people who have sensitive skin allergies, the perfumes or scent ingredients that they use in the commercial soaps can also be very irritating and harsh. Handmade soaps will usually contain up to 20% glycerin in their makeup. Glycerin is natural humectants, a non-oily ingredient that actually attracts moisture from the atmosphere to your skin and actually retards evaporation. The commercial soaps you buy in the store are not actually soap, but are actually detergent bars made with detergents, synthetic ingredients, synthetic perfumes, foaming agents and a whole list of chemicals added. Rarely, if ever, do commercial soaps ever contained glycerin.
The glycerin is actually siphoned and sold to cosmetic companies! That glycerin is then actually sold to you at another counter as a moisturizer! So the commercial soap dries out your skin, you then use a moisturizer to offset the soap, then you wash again with the commercial soap and dry out your skin. It’s a never-ending cycle and one that can cost you a lot of money along with a lot of skin irritation that you would pay anything to get rid of! And of course, they have the moisturizers ready for you to buy to solve the problem and take your money

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