Handmade Natural Soaps: The Purest Way to Ideal Skin Care

Written on:September 20, 2012
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The detergent based soaps are made from petroleum products and comprise of surfactants, foaming agents and alcohol. Due to the unpleasant smell of these products, the soaps are heavily scented with cheap, synthetic and artificial fragrances. They also contain preservatives and antibacterial agents to prevent spoilage. All these chemicals are frequent causes of allergic reactions as they penetrate far below the surface of the skin, and reside in your body tissues.

Handmade soaps are great to be given as gifts. After making the chosen variety of soap as per concerned guidelines, you can enjoy different ways to pack it in an attractive and colourful manner. The natural soap making supplies consist of things like clay, goat’s milk, ground pumice sand, ground walnut shells, rose petals, lavender extracts, aloe Vera, essential oils, cocoa butter etc. Melt and pour soap base is also provided by natural soap making suppliers.
Preparing soap at home can be a great idea if you prefer a safe, pure, natural and harmless soap for your skin. Soaps prepared with herbal or botanical ingredients such as flower petals, fruit extracts and aromatic essential oils can bring a healthy glow and suppleness to skin. When you make your own soaps, you also have the choice to select the appropriate ingredients that suit your skin type and have your favorite aroma. Handmade soap is also fresher to use than the commercially sold varieties.
Taking care of your jewellery will help maintain its beauty for a greater period of time, however when speaking of handmade jewellery, avoid the regular cleaners and solutions. They may damage handmade gemstones. A simple mixture of soap and water with a soft makeup brush can be used to clean the gemstones. Ensure that you are also carefully drying them when the cleaning period is over. A piece of soap looks like a mundane commodity. However, when you really sit down and think about it, you will quickly realize what a handmade soap can do for you.

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