Grasse: Perfume Capital of the World

Written on:June 20, 2012
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You would have heard of the ‘perfume capital of the world’; either you read it in a novel or through witnesses from those of had once visited the great land. Grasse, which is not the largest city if France, provides works for two-third of France population. This and many more special attributes have been a source of accolades for this city of aroma.

In history, Grasse is the home of the three great perfume manufacturers; Mlinard, Galimard, and Fragonard. They were reported to have opened the guided tours. As a tourist to the city, there are other things as well that would capture the sight. The arcades of Place des Aires and the Louis XV fountain are easily noticeable as they are both striking places. The streets are lovely and beautiful and filled with typical and unique boutiques and stalls; cool but busy especially in the summer.

Grasse also contributes economically to the development of the whole country at large. It gives the largest production of perfumes in the world. This has created up to 2,700 employment opportunity to people; the largest in the country. Statistics shows that the production of perfume in Grasse alone gives a turnover of 600 million euros. Beside this, the perfume museum and historical perfume factories pull some two million tourists to Grasse yearly.

Visiting Grasse avails the opportunity to unravel the mysteries behind the production of perfumes. Many people do wonder “which stream or river is the source of all these lovely fragrance”? A visit to Grasse gives such opportunity to know the technology behind the production. The manufacturing of perfumes involves the distillation of some raw materials and effleurage.

Furthermore, Grasse also presents many historical structures and antiques. The streets are marvellously constructed depicting the old grandeur style of construction. Cruising through these winding roads, remains of some 16th century structures could be seen as well as those of 17th and 18th centuries. The square Saracen tower, remains of 16th century, and the mayor’s office would be seen glaringly. The mansions of the 17th century are also still there and many more structures.

In addition, important and amazing structures like fountains and picturesque are well sighted fun fun making. These are part of many magnificent structures and edifices you would enjoy on your visitation to Grasse.

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