Aroma and Fragrance

How To Choose Your Natural Aromatic Sources and Fragrances

Have you ever been to a factory where they make perfume? It’s an amazing process that bring together technology and natural aromatic sources and fragrances to create new blends and scents to delight you. Many of these factories, especially the generations-old places in France even allow you to create your own concoction. It’s a marvelous experience and one you could relive by trying to create special fragrances when you get home.

It isn’t difficult to make your own perfumes. You need just a few special tools: patience, a great nose, and time. The raw ingredients can be found in your backyard or from your local herbalist. Start with plants.

Plants are the original source of oils used to make perfume and make-up. Even the unassuming seed can be used by grinding it. The rest of the plant except for the roots maybe are also sources for essential oils and compounds. Try going to the grocer and looking for an orange with a leaf in it. Tear a piece of the leaf and take a whiff. The aroma can be invigorating and refreshing. You can do the same with the orange zest, orange oil, and from the fruit itself.

Aside from flowers, the bark of a tree like cinnamon evokes images of holidays and cappuccino or apple pie. It can be used to create a special fragrance to suit your personality.  If you find the scent of cinnamon appealing you might be interested to know that aside from reminding us of home cooking, it can also represent renewal. Another trivia about cinnamon is that if you dream of it, it’s a sign that you need to add some zest in your life by doing something out of the ordinary.

There are so many plants, fruits, seeds, herbs, tree bark, stone, and musk that provide us with natural scents and fragrances far better and safer than any synthetic source.

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